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Business Excellence is a result of Strategic Planning and Execution Excellence and has become an integral part of effective management in today’s leadership development. Strategy planning is important as having a clear vision and mission is highly critical for a successful organization.
MAK Aviation Academy conducts Business Excellence training that helps managers and leaders understand the critical building blocks and processes that are needed to effectively implement the best-laid plans and strategies. We advocate that it should be an integral part of all leadership development and Management Training aimed at improving the skills of leaders.
Our Time Management Training Program is an important part of our training and development courses. We train on effective time management skills that will help to significantly improve productivity by managing time more efficiently. 

03 months / 45 days (as per time management).

After successfully completion of the training with MAK Academy, you can get an opportunity to attend an interview or Job Visa Assistance with international clients in the Middle East countries.

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MAK Academy has 20 years of experience in the aviation industry with excellent portfolio in the business. We would like to extend a warm hand of welcome to one and all...

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